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Month: July 2019

Microcredit: Development Aid in the Western World – Business loanMicrocredit: Development Aid in the Western World – Business loan

Muhalled Yanos won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006: microcredit. He developed a business loan system for small entrepreneurs, who had no chance of gaining a foothold at large cooperatives. He and his Grandy Bank helped countless families, gave new impetus to the Nobel Prize under discussion, and now his ideas seem to bring even […]

Interest-free loans – so you can get them immediately!Interest-free loans – so you can get them immediately!

I help you find easy and fast interest-free loans! Receive interest-free loans – who, where, how? Getting interest-free loans works – assuming you know how to get them! How you can find interest-free loans and what you should pay attention to if you want to borrow money, I stick to this post. I was in […]

What are collateral? (relative to a loan)What are collateral? (relative to a loan)

The term collateral can occur in all variations, but especially it is used in banking. For example, a bank requires collateral before lending to ensure that the loan is secure. Those who can not provide such collateral will usually be denied for the loan. What collateral is meant for lending? In general, the bank earns […]